Human Resource

Staff training

In 2019,HuaPing Iron and Steel Group continued to improve its talent training system, established a sound incentive and restraint mechanism, and comprehensively promoted the implementation of talent development projects such as operation management, technical business, and operation and maintenance, so as to enhance employee capabilities and promote employee growth.

  • Promote the training of key minority management personnel, other management personnel, young cadres, organization cadres, and professional and technical personnel by classification.
  • Covering the cloud learning platform to the entire group to efficiently realize the cross-regional sharing of training resources.
  • Selected and sent 207 managers and business backbones to participate in online learning such as the China Cadre Network Academy and the Chinese University Network.
  • Technical operation training: The company achieved economic benefits of over 1 billion yuan before and after, effectively improving the independent innovation ability of the team;

Promotion channel

HuaPing group provides employees with multiple career development directions such as steel manufacturing, new material intelligent services, resources and environment, industrial parks, industrial finance, etc., extending to include IT, securities funds, Internet e-commerce, real estate investment, international trade and other diversified, Broad career development opportunities on multiple platforms. Through the competitive platform of internal professional mobility, employees can fully obtain the opportunity to display their talents. In 2019, the company continued to improve the dual-channel development mechanism for employees' technical business and management sequence, insisted on implementing the "chief teacher" system, and encouraged technical personnel to develop on the professional path; at the same time, the company established a flow mechanism for technical business and management sequence to ensure that employees" H" type career development path.


Job Innovation

Hua Ping group encourages its employees to actively participate in labor competition activities and provide suggestions for business operations. In 2019, the majority of employees put forward 155,000 rationalization proposals, implemented 112,000, and created economic benefits of 2.215 billion yuan; established 5,278 independent management (JK) teams and achieved 4,836 independent management results; established 1,525 employee economic and technological innovation teams , A total of more than 14,000 employees participated in the activities of the innovation team; 2197 patents were applied for job innovation, including 1186 invention patents; 1936 technical secrets were generated; 456 advanced operation methods were named.